Luke Harrington


I've been drawing creatures and cartooning since I was a little kid. Some of my first art memories were of tracing dragons with my cousin as we looked through his D&D monster manual. In gradeschool, my friends and I formed a comic book club where we tried to impress eachother with our new heroes. Admittedly, I spent too many hours decorating the margins of my math books.

I obtained my degree in Fine Art in 1998 from the University of Oregon and after graduation took any art-related job I could find from desktop publishing, graphic design to pixel art for mobile games.

After trying my hand at 3D modeling and animation on a few film projects and games, I decided to take a year to retool and wholly dedicate to concept art. I moved to Beijing, China to pursue my other hobby of kickboxing and to work on my illustration and concept chops.

Returning to San Francisco in 2007, I worked as a 2D artist on a few game titles and finally as a full time concept artist at Electronic Arts.

Since dedicating to concept art I've presented my work at a comic-con panel, taught a course in matte painting at the Art Institute and shown my work in a few gallery events. I like to think my best work is always ahead and I'm eager to see what it looks like!



  • Concept Art
  • Illustration
  • production design


  • Photoshoppin'. Kickboxin'. Animal observin'